Two character in different places but they share the panel?

I putted above picture from my story - I can cut for you the overlay just give me the background which should slide in…as you see you do not see much from it so choice what you want to be seen.

I can help you with the code too. :slight_smile:

where did you find these backgrounds?

If you don’t have enough time maybe could you just copy and then I try to learn

I believe both are from pixabay.

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I have time:))))

Here you have guide for animationg overlays

I haven’t decided where I will exactly use this yet, just trying new things. The code maybe will help me :slight_smile:

So this is what I have to use?

The point is to move the character who “slides” in simultanously with the overlay - you do this whyle using idle animation with walking command.

So here is my code - the overlay is called HELENA (same name as one of the characters)

&zoom on 265 314 to 100% in 0
&cut to zone 2
sound phone_ring
&MARBEL spot 1.280 80 0 in zone 2 AND MARBEL moves to layer 9
&HELENA spot 1.280 420 0 in zone 2 AND HELENA moves to layer 11 AND HELENA faces left

@overlay HELENA create
&overlay HELENA moves to layer 10
&overlay HELENA shifts to 320 0 in zone 2
@overlay HELENA opacity 1 in 0
sound phone_ring
@pause for 1
@MARBEL is listen_phone_excited_loop

&overlay HELENA shifts to 160 0 in zone 2 in 1.5

@HELENA walks to spot 1.280 260 0 in zone 2 in 1.5 AND HELENA does it while listen_phone_confused THEN HELENA is listen_phone_confused

No no you do not need multiple overlays you need just one overlay.

Do you know how to create and upload your own overlay?

Yes I know, I have already used a Popcorn overlay :DD
Anyway thank you. :heart: I try to do what you wrote.

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PM me in case you will have troubles to figure it out. :slight_smile:

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Uhh I’m struggling :'D
So when you uploaded

What exactly you uploaded? The background?
If yes, then when I uploaded the background as an overlay, I code


Sorry this is really new for me :smiley:

Yeah I cutted part from the backgroung of Helena’s room (the one on right) and saved it as png,

and uploaded it as an overlay under name HELENA…you can name it ROOM or what ever. :slight_smile: I have no idea why I named it as the character in that time.:slight_smile:

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You can eather walk character by using walking animation.

Or you can make him move to another spot but he will be in idle animation - so he will look like he “slides” while standing.

You use this for example when you drive in scene with a car with characters in it and also for this when you move them together with thec overlay so it looks like they are on the same place in their room while you actually move them.

its this command

@HELENA walks to spot 1.280 260 0 in zone 2 in 1.5 AND HELENA does it while listen_phone_confused

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ohhhhhhhhhhhh I understaaand. :grin:
Everything is clear I guess:DDD
Don’t worry I understand now why you named Helena

Thank you so much. :kissing_heart:
Where did you learn this coding?

Hi mostly on the forum. :slight_smile:
There are tons of “HOW TO” threads and lot of people willing to explain it to you when you struggle. :slight_smile:

And alos by using video tutorials:

I have already saved tons of HOW TO :DD and yeah I watched Joseph’s videos as well, however I haven’t seen any posts where they explain this, maybe I was heedless:D. And I also follow Dara.Amarie :grin:

maybe I can make HOW to on spit phonecalls.:slight_smile:

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