Two characters animation

I’m trying to make two characters do an animation after one of them speaks, I have been trying to find a good tutorial but can’t.

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You use & and starts
or add the animation with the second character


&Yasmine starts (Animation)
&Jasiah starts (Animation)


&Yasmine starts (Animation) AND Jasiah starts (Animation)

& because you want the line to happen with another line
and you use starts because you want the animation to happen but not wait for the whole animation

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I tried it but it doesn’t work, I put
&ALICE (animation)
&DANI (animation)

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because it doesnt understand it

you cant just put name then animation

you have to add is or starts in between

&ALICE starts (animation)
&DANI is (animation)


I tried this but my characters just stand there.image|666x500 i have changed my script

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Maybe understanding what each command can help :sweat_smile:

  • When you use is it has a very short pause between comamnds
  • When you use starts it doesn’t always work properly using & because it basically cuts the animation short. So I’d recommend you using it with @
  • When you use does it while there’s no pause between commands, but I recommend you using it with @ and the commands for both characters

That being said, I’d recommend you to do one of the following:

@CHAR1 does it while animation AND CHAR2 does it while animation


&CHAR1 is animation AND CHAR2 is animation


&CHAR1 is animation AND CHAR2 is animation

Note: If you do use the & then you have to have something that makes a “pause” after, like a dialogue, a transition, zoom, panning using @, because if you add more animations after it would skip past them


You can’t add ( ) when using these commands (is, starts, does it while) that’s only when you’re adding an animation to a dialogue line


CHAR (animation)

That’s the only case you’d use animations in ( )


just use animation like this @Lily2

@YOYO starts animation AND MOMO starts animation

It will definitely work

does it while - is used only for walking to specify what kind of walking should be uses.

CHAR1(talking animation)
Here is what he says
&CHAR1 is idle_animation
@CHAR2 is idle_animation

Not necessarily. I use it for things like animating characters when spotting them at the beginning of the scene, ex:

&cut to zone…
&CHAR spot x y z in zone x at layer y and CHAR faces right and CHAR does it while…
@transition fade…

And in other specific things like this :sweat_smile: Being doing it like that for years now and it always worked smoothly :blush:

Hmm, I always read that it should be used only with walking command so I never tried to use it differently. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:

BTW I also use the one line for the character on the start and I use “is” its first time actually I met somebody doing it with “does it while”. :blush:

Awee hehe, really? I didn’t think that was uncommon, but yeah, there are many ways you can try it. Personally, I started “experimenting” with things like that back then because I’d code so many lines of animations, zoom, pan, walking from one spot to the other, and/or moving overlays, etc between dialogue or narr, and I’d hate the pauses, even when using ampersands, or how it’d skip some actions, so I started trying different stuff until things looked smooth :sweat_smile: :smile:

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