Two characters kissing

Hey guys!
So I’ve been stuck since forever trying to make this two characters kiss in loop. The problem is that the MELANIE keeps appearing on top of SHAWN when they’re kissing. I’ve changed both positions, actions and still get the same result. I really have my hands tied here, can somebody please help me??

@cut to zone 2
&SHAWN spot 0.5 75 385 in zone 2 AND SHAWN faces right AND SHAWN is arms_crossed AND MELANIE spot 0.5 130 380 in zone 2 AND MELANIE faces left AND MELANIE is flirt_coy

@SHAWN is talk_flirt AND MELANIE is admire
@SHAWN is take_item_reach AND MELANIE is laugh_guffaw
&SHAWN spot 0.5 115 380 in zone 2 AND MELANIE spot 0.5 120 380 in zone 2
@SHAWN is kiss_passionate_loop_rear AND SHAWN faces left AND MELANIE is kiss_passionate_loop

Move her to a different layer.
MEL at o and shawn at 1

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Reverse that lol

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Reverse it as in MELANIE at 1 and SHAWN at 0??