Two characters talk at the same time

hey, guys, i think y’all are getting tired of me sorry but I need help how do you make 2 characters talk at the same time


its really difficult for me

im confused by that

Or you can:
&character 1 is animation AND character 2 is animation
Blah blah blah

at first they are surprised when someone says ur is about to leave iwant both of them to talk while mindblown and they both saying LETS GO


i meant to say *someone says their flight is about to leave

cant i just put the narrator for both because they both gonna say lets go and both gonna react at the same time


Or you can create a character and name them Both or All. That’s what I do… I just gotta make sure they’re offscreen.

i could try that but i want the words and the animation to occur at the same time

Listen to this guy… He’s better at coding than I am. :sweat_smile:

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oh it did work ill just make a character called both ty :heart:

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@CHARACTER is talk_greet_neutral AND CHARACTER2 is talk_greet_neutral AND CHARACTER3 is talk_greet_neutral AND CHARACTER4 is talk_greet_neutral

that’ll make them talk at the same time, If you want speechbubbles at the same time, you’ll need overlays

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