Two characters talking at once no dialogue?

I want there to be multiple actions in one scene of my story but an error message always pops up.
I’ve tried everything.
@CHARACTER is action AND CHARACTER is action
@CHARACTER is action and CHARACTER is action
@CHARACTER is action AND @CHARACTER is action
@CHARACTER is action and @CHARACTER is action
CHARACTER (action)
no dialogue
@CHARACTER is action
@CHARACTER is action
I’m just having a difficult time figuring out something that should be simple. Someone please help ASAP!

Both of these are correct.

Also, this will work:

&CHARACTER is animation
@CHARACTER is animation

What error message are you getting?

It was saying it was an invalid command. But the &CHARACTER is animation worked.THANKS LOVE :slight_smile:

I think you can also write:

@CHARACTER starts animation
@CHARACTER 2 starts animation

The word “starts” has both characters begin an animation together even if the command isn’t combined (ex: @CHARACTER is animation AND CHARACTER2 is animation)

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