Two Characters Walking With Different Speeds

Ok, I know how to do that if they’re going the same speed. I’ve been trying and trying to get characters to walk different speeds but it just isn’t working.
The scene:
It’s early in the morning and everyone’s just waking up. Theres a girl (person A) across the street walking from one side to the other (I have her stop in between to talk about her) Then she continues her walk and while thats happening, I want another person (Person B) to walk down the stairs, and walk in the other direction. At different speeds.
Is it possible?
I’m using the Urban Street background for it
Person B starts to show in the scene when Person A starts to walk to the other end. Person B is by one of the house doors, walks down the stairs and walks on the sidewalk to the right, all while Person A is still walking. I tried for like 30 minutes but it didn’t work.
Is it possible? if so, please provide a reference that I can look at to help me. Thanks guys! :kissing_heart:
I deleted person A out of the scene, there were no errors or anything like that, one character just stopped to let the other one walk then started their animation or walk again

I tried
@CHARACTER (walks to spot) bla bla bla… AND OTHER CHARACTER walks to spot in 20
@CHARACTER (walks to spot) bla bla bla
&OTHER CHARACTER walks to spot in 20
And I want the character to start walking before the other character starts doing the animations :confused::frowning_face:

@CHAR walks to spot in 20 AND OTHER walks to spot in 20 THEN CHAR walks to spot in 20

I don’t get what you mean…

You see, I don’t want OTHER walking to a spot in 20, I want one character walking in 20, while the other walks in 5, but they do at the same time. Well, 1 character starts and while they are walking another one starts. Is it even possible- is what I’m asking?

You can set your time to whatever you want so the characters walking in different speeds and make sure you use & if you want that happen in the background.

ok like
@DARCI stands screen center in zone 1
@DARCI walks to spot z in zone 1
@FACECREAM spot w in zone 1
@FACECREAM walks to spot e in zone 2 in 20
@DARCI walks to spot w in zone 1
I want Darci to start walking the same time Facecream starts walking to spot e in zone 2

You have to play around with the time to make that work

Have you done it before? I don’t want to play around with it if it’s not even possible. And by time you mean
@CHARACTER walks to spot Z in zone 1 in (insert time)

I’ll just try tomorrow with a test story with different characters and play around

Yes. Like for example when your character is in driving off car a lot of people has problems because their character moves slower than the car. Then to make it work you have to place your characters or overlays together and set the time.

That’s just an example. It’s the same with characters if you want them walk together or one faster than the other. It depends as well where you place them offscreen because it might get longer to get them to certain spot

Okay, I kinda get it, I’ll play around with it tomorrow- and if it doesn’t work I’ll put a copy of the script on here and state the problem. Thanks for your help!

@cut to zone 2
@GIRL 1 spot 0.135 128 447 in zone 2 AND GIRL 2 spot 0.291 257 343 in zone 2
@GIRL 2 walks to spot 0.187 128 395 in zone 2 in 15 AND GIRL 2 is walk_exhausted AND GIRL 1 is tinker_loop_rear
@GIRL 1 walks to spot 0.135 90 417 in zone 2 in 7 AND GIRL 2 walks to spot 0.123 55 427 in zone 2 in 7 AND GIRL 2 is walk_exhausted
@GIRL 1 walks to spot 0.279 342 326 in zone 2 in 9 AND GIRL 2 walks to spot 0.123 -14 426 in zone 2 in 9 AND GIRL 2 is walk_exhausted
There we go! But is there any way I can do it and get the same results except a shorter script?

Can you elaborate?