( TWO)COVER photos,

Hi I need two cover photos of my characters in a new York background and a background with a night scene behind them as they embrace?

Character Details
Hair Colour-White
Hair style-Straight
skin- Tan
Brows- Mature round
Eye colour- Green
Eye shape-upturned Feline
Face shape-Oval
Lip shape-Full Round
Lip Colour-Ruby red

Hair colour- Black
Hair style-Short cropped
eyebrow shape- Thick arch
Face shape- Defined triangle
skin colour- tan
nose- button
lip shape-uneven
eye shape- gentle almond
eye colour-blue

thanks guys pls let me know if u can help:)

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drawn or edited?

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either id like both:)

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I would recommend checking out @Phoenix_Hope’s art shop because she does both :grin:


You can go here if you still need it! :blush:

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