Two errors (code)

how do i fix this error?

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I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as -0 0 :thinking:

Perhaps try 0 0?

okay thank you

it works but the rest of my two or three overlay are not the size that i want

I just tested the minus zero code on one of my own overlays, and -0 -0 is fine to use in your script. I didn’t receive an error, so I believe that the real error is because on line 15 the “-” is detached from the “0”.
It should read -0 -0 instead of - 0.

However, despite it not being an error… it probably won’t appear on your screen if you use a minus code.

yeah i was thinking it would work it cames from helper readout box

what’s minus code?

Also, in regards to scaling your overlays. It’s usually about testing the sizes out and moving them around.

Most overlays [for zone 1 backgrounds] work with the code:

&overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to 0 0 in zone 1 in 0
&overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to 1.000 1.000

^ Because that usually spot directs them into their correct places… but of course, this isn’t the case for all overlays.

A minus code is what you attempted to use on line 15. When you typed minus zero.
The code will work, but minus digits usually place both characters and overlays off screen… and you actually need them on screen, I’m assuming?!

yeah i ask someone before you told me the right code they give me that i still learning how episode codes work i didn’t know

Haha, it’s alright. We all started somewhere! :blush: And most of us are happy to help out whenever we can.

If you can send me the script from lines 1 to 22, I can test it for you in my portal… and edit it so that the overlays are placed correctly and then send it back to you, if that’d help?!


readerMessage Template created by |bold| @winteronepisode |reset| via |bold| @epy.baddies with messageTitle Template Credit
&zoom reset and cut to zone 3

&overlay CAFE COUNTER shifts to 21 -10 in zone 1 and overlay CAFE COUNTER scales to 5.914 5.914 and overlay CAFE COUNTER moves to layer -1 and overlay CAFE COUNTER opacity 1

&overlay CAFE TABLEL shifts to 13 28 in zone 1 and overlay CAFE TABLEL scales to 5.338 5.338 and overlay CAFE TABLEL to layer -2 and overlay CAFE TABLEL opacity 1

&overlay CAFE CHAIRS shifts to 151 -84 CAFE CHAIRS scales to 4.690 4.690 and overlay CAFE CHAIRS to layer -2 and overlay CAFE CHAIRS opacity 1
&overlay CAFE TABLER shifts to 113 148 TABLER scales to 1.000 1.000 and overlay CAFE TABLER to layer -2 and overlay CAFE CHAIRSL opacity 1

&overlay CAFE CHAIRSL shifts to 0- 0 in zone 1 and overlay CAFE CHAIRSL scales to 1.000 1.000 and overlay CAFE CHAIRSL to layer -2 and overlay CAFE CHAIRSL opacity 1

&overlay CHARISL1 shifts to 415 259 in zone 1 and overlay CHARISL10 scales to 6.850 6.850 and overlay CHARISL1 to layer -2 and overlay CHARISL1 opacity 1

&overlay CHARISL10 shifts to 424 270 in zone 1 and overlay CHARISL10 scales to 7.426 7.426 and overlay CHARISL10 to layer -2 and overlay CHARISL10 opacity 1

&overlay CHARISL20 shifts to -292 -185 in zone 1 and overlay CHARISL20 scales to 6.526 6.526 and overlay CHARISL20 to layer -2 and overlay CHARISL20 opacity 1
&overlay CAFE LIGHTR moves to layer 1 and overlay CAFE LIGHTR opacity 1
&EXTRA 1 spot 0.897 100 174 in zone 1 AND EXTRA 1 faces right AND EXTRA 1 is talk_armsraised_neutral AND EXTRA 1 moves to layer -3
&ALEENA spot .902 185 187 in zone 1 AND ALEENA is talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear AND ALEENA faces right AND ALEENA moves to layer 0
&ALAIA spot .520 264 412 in zone 1 and ALAIA faces right and ALAIA is laugh_sit_giggle and ALAIA moves to layer -3
&EXTRA 2 spot .420 264 418 in zone 1 AND EXTRA 2 faces right AND EXTRA 2 is eat_sit_food_hand_neutral and EXTRA 2 moves to layer -4
&SHUNYUAN spot .682 306 292 in zone 1 and SHUNYUAN faces right and SHUNYUAN is talk_gossip and SHUNYUAN spot .658 48 292 in zone 2 and SHUNYUAN faces left and SHUNYUAN is idle_exhausted_loop and SHUNYUAN moves to layer 4 and SHUNYUAN moves to layer 5
&ENEYA spot .557 82 385 in zone 2 and ENEYA faces right and ENEYA is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear and ENEYA moves to layer 3
&DARAJA spot .517 135 414 in zone 2 and DARAJA faces right and DARAJA is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear and DARAJA moves to layer 0
&AUDEN spot .697 181 300 in zone 3 AND AUDEN faces left AND AUDEN moves to layer -3 AND AUDEN is talk_sit_neutral_loop
&DAEZLEI spot .705 5 297 in zone 3 AND DAEZLEI faces right AND DAEZLEI is idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop AND DAEZLEI moves to layer -3
&RANIA spot .622 47 321 in zone 3 and RANIA moves to layer -4 and RANIA faces right and RANIA is idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop
&EREMURUS spot .622 144 321 in zone 3 and EREMURUS faces left and EREMURUS moves to layer -4 and EREMURUS is think_rubchin
&JANNAH spot .759 206 255 in zone 3 and JANNAH faces left and JANNAH is idle_sit_serious_loop and JANNAH moves to layer -2
&EXTRA 5 starts eat_sit_food_hand_neutral
&EXTRA 4 starts talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop
@transition fade in black 2
@add Cookie Chocolate Chip to SHUNYUAN
@pause for 1 then EXTRA 3 starts idle_sit_neutral_loop then EXTRA 3 is talk_gossip THEN EXTRA 3 starts react_angry_shakefists and EXTRA 3 starts laugh_sit_crackup AND EXTRA 3 starts react_sit_armscrossed_surprised_mild and EXTRA 3 starts laugh_sit_giggle
@pause for .100000
@pan to zone 2 in 2
&EREMURUS starts talk_doubtful then pause for .7 then ALEENA starts idle_flashlight_scared_loop
@pan to zone 1 in 2 then DARAJA starts talk_sit_reassure_happy and AUDEN starts eat_sit_food_hand_neutral AND EXTRA 1 starts talk_unsure and ALEENA starts rear THEN ALAIA starts idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop
@pause for 100000
&zoom on 960 376 to 190% in 1
&DARAJA starts talk_doubtful and DARAJA starts idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop and DARAJA starts idle_sit_neutral_loop
@cut to zone 3
@HAIZLEE enters from right to screen right in 1.5 then HAIZLEE is think_rubchin
@pause for 10000
&speechbubble is 163 192 to 130% with tail_top_right
HAIZLEE (idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop)
(What a cute little cafe!)

Ah, I didn’t notice that you’re using your own overlays. Could you possibly PM me the overlays?! As I need to use the exact same ones as you, in order to test it out.

oh okay sorry

You don’t need to apologize. :blush: It was my fault for not properly reading the overlay names. I should’ve noticed.

Are you able to send them in a message… as they’re not clickable, here.

oh these are images of the overlays and and name

Did you screenshot them from your portal, because they’re a bit small. Which won’t work as I need them in the actual size that you currently have them… in order to spot direct and resize them correctly on the portal.

Are you able to upload them from your device?!

yeah i did i send you the link

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