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Welcome to Two-Faced! You’re probably wondering what this is, and later, your other self will too. This is the school for all of you, your split personality, split emotion, school. Here, you train your personalities and emotions to stay under control. Hopefully, you leave as one.

This is my first RP, so please don’t judge! You can leave anytime you want, but if you are gone for over a week or two, you have the option for your character to be adopted or killed. Please fill out the form:

First/last name:
ALTER EGO (include info from top)(you can have up to 3)

And, face claims:


Reserve for two… or three


Can you post them when you get a chance? (I’m just getting ocs together)


Ok :wink:


Do we PM you our info?


Just post it here


Username: DaydreamiiE
First/last name: Lola Reagan
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Mostly happy and quirky but can become sad and moody in seconds
Bio: Lola grew up on the streets after being abandoned by her parents, she is used to being alone but also loves being the centre of attention.
ALTER EGO: Shayla Reagan - Distant, moody, angry, troublemaker


(Have I done this right?)


Yes, for the most part. Let me post my oc to show you the alter ego part


Name: Cassidy Green
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Shy, smart, quiet.
Backstory: Ran away from home due to her drug addict mother and alcoholic father. She was captured by a scientist who ran illegal tests on her. After that, the trauma gave her a split personality disorder, causing her alter ego “Cody Green” (still female) to appear. Cody and Cassidy look the same, but have different personalities.
Cody Personality: mischievous, defensive, manipulative


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Hey, it’s really cool that you wanna start RPing here, and I’m sure your RP could be cool. However, there are certain rules we follow in this forum. Your Two-Faced RP doesn’t quite follow the criteria. You need to add a description so that people know what it is about, and other such things. I suggest taking a look at some other current sign-up threads to see how other people have done it.

If you’re going to RP in this space, then all you need to know is here!
Please read it, so that everyone follows the same guide.