Two of my overlays will not appear!

So I have no idea what is happening, but when I’m writing my script, two of my overlays won’t appear. I believe I have the coding correct, they’re just not appearing.

Here’s my coding:

@overlay OV_LIGHTNING create
@overlay ASYLUM_TITLE create
@pause for a beat
@overlay OV_LIGHTNING opacity 1 in 0.5
sound thunderclap
@transition fade in white in 0.5
@overlay OV_LIGHTNING opacity 0 in 0.5
@overlay ASYLUM_TITLE opacity 1 in 4

Keep in mind I tried with this coding as well, to try and see them on my screen but it didn’t work:

@overlay OV_LIGHTNING create
@overlay ASYLUM_TITLE create
@overlay OV_LIGHTNING opacity 1
@overlay ASYLUM_TITLE opacity 1

Also, the size of them isn’t the issue, they just simply won’t appear, on PC or Mobile. Not only that, but when I try to move them around in the preview screen on the website I get the worst lag ever. I’ve never had this issue before but it’s really annoying me, so if anyone can help, it’d be greatly appreciated! Thank you <3

did you scale and shifted to the zone you require? coz if you skip that step, the overlay will show up in the same scale as when you uploaded it

These are the scales of both of my overlays:
ASYLUM_TITLE: 640x1136
OV_LIGHTNING: 1800x2158

I’ve also tried to edit the scales and move them around, with the opacity all the way up, but it won’t show them, it just goes endlessly.

I’ve used the lightning overlay in another story before and it worked just fine, but neither of these overlays will appear for this story, and it’s so frustrating.

there might be 2 scenarios:

  1. It might be a glitch in the portal or if you’ve uploaded the overlay right before you coded that part, sometimes the overlay displays glitches by becoming invisible
  2. check if the overlay scales like 1.000 1.000 and see if the overlay you shifted is in the zone of the bg you’re coding
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Have you tried to simply reload the Portal? Everything else seems correct to me…
Alternatively, you can even try it in another browser…

I think the first scenario is probably the issue, cause I had just uploaded the Asylum_Title overlay. I’m probably going to remove it from my script & try again later today, or tomorrow. Thank you for trying to help me! :pray:t3::white_heart:

Update: I removed the Asylum_Title overlay but I’m still having the issue with the lightning too. So I think this is an issue on Episode’s end.

Once again I appreciate the help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Did both, still not working unfortunately, thank you so much for trying to help, though. I opened a support ticket with Episode so fingers crossed they can help me out! :disappointed::pray:t3:

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Don’t use INT. BLACK - NIGHT, it’s very small and makes the overlays unbelievably large, use this instead:

COL. #000000

It makes a standard size black screen.

Alternatively, instead of @overlay use @ui, that will place your overlays in relation to the screen, instead of the background.


Oh my God, you’re right. This is a problem I faced when I was new to coding in Episode, so much so that I uploaded a replacement custom background, which is of course all black too. I had totally forgotten about this…

Holy moly I didn’t know this even existed! I will have to test it out, thank you for the suggestion! I’ll update later & let y’all know if this works. Fingers crossed!!! :crossed_fingers:t2:

TESTED AND IT WORKED!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :white_heart: :white_heart: :white_heart:

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