Two overlay help

Okay so i want to use that overlay and then after 5 seconds replace it with another overlay but with no dialogue.
I want the second overlay to go over the first one so that the readers then only see the second one.
I don’t how to code it, help please!

Try this:
BACKGROUND NAME with overlay OVERLAY1 at spot###
@pause for 5

&overlay2 create
&overlay2 shift to spot###
&overlay2 opacity 1 in 0
@remove overlay OVERLAY1

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INT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAY1 to % x y in zone # at layer 1 with OVERLAY2 to % x y in zone # at layer 2
&overlay OVERLAY1 opacity 1 in 0
&overlay OVERLAY2 opacity 0 in 0
@pause for 5
&overlay OVERLAY1 opacity 0 in 1
&overlay OVERLAY2 opacity 1 in 0

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