Two script template for limelight female customization in the same episode

I put 2 script template for customization in the same episode. One for the Main Character and one for her mother and I plan on adding some more, but at the end of the second customization, when I click on “yes she is perfect” or something like that on the preview it brings me back to the the scene after the first customization. Can you help me?
Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Can you post a screen shot of the very beginning of the 2nd customization and another screenshot of the end of the 2nd customization template? DON’T post the whole templates.

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I need to see the whole first choice and all it’s options, specifically the “This is perfect” choice

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Did you use the same template for both MC and her mom?

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I don’t undestand, what template? Like the same text? yes I copied both from a website but I changed the MC for MOM when they’re were @

The whole customization code is called a template.

Are you getting any errors for duplicate labels? Because if you used the same template for both characters, then any options you click on for the 2nd template will go to the labels in the first template. Which is why when you click on “This is perfect” it takes you to the end of the first template.

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Yeah I duplicate them so how can I do to make it normal?

Use these templates instead:

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Thank you Very much !!! :slight_smile:

And can I use the same template in different episode? @Dara.Amarie

Yes, 1 template can be used in different episodes, but cannotbe used more than once in the same episode.

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And is there another faster way to replace all the @FEMTWO (by exemple) by another name that to do them one by one?

Yes, it tells you how to do that at the top of the template when you click on the link

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