Two Speechbubbles on screen


Hi, I have read a few stories where the Narrator will be speaking a d there speechbubble is on screen, then there is another bubble that drops down from the top of the screen and has writing on it. It’s not a Narrator or character bubble it’s just an extra one. And it’s on the screen at the same time as the narrator bubble.

How does this work?


The coding for it is “readerMessage” or something similar. I haven’t exactly used it yet, so I’m unsure of completely how it works, but there is information on it on one of the guides Episode provides in the writer portal.


Thank you so much the information. Appreciate it.


readerMessage ; make the M is capitalized or else it won’t work.


Hi I have done this, however when I checked it via the app and update the story it does not pop up?


Can I see your script?


Sorry I feel pretty stupid now. I was checking it out on my phone and somehow managed to create another 3 episodes so I was reading episode 2 rather than 5 on the app. So it is working.


:joy::joy: glad to know the issue was resolved.