Two Story Ideas- which should I work on first?

Hi! I’m writing my first episode story, but I have two ideas that are mostly fleshed out in my mind, and I think I could actually achieve either! But I want you guys to decide which I should work on first.

  1. Ashley Laner: Phoenix Trainer

Ashley has been able to see through people all her life. Literally. She has been called a weirdo all her life for seeing monsters. But after meeting a talking phoenix and traveling to the monster world with no way back, she is forced to become a beast trainer until she can find her way back to earth!

  1. Boy Bots

Boys. The most annoying creature on planet earth.But after a wish upon a star goes haywire, and the only boy not completely brainwashed into being perfectly annoying is your worst enemy, can you team up to set things straight again?

boy bots! sounds awesome!!!

I agree too

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Boy Bots