Two Truths And A Lie [GAME]

Hello, everyone. I would like a to start a game thread so here it is, my dudes. I’ll go first.

  1. I have a cousin who is black just like me except she was light skin and blonde hair.
  2. I vape
  3. I eat tacos twice a week

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You vape?

  1. I’m 17 years old.
  2. I’ve never eaten donuts.
  3. I’m 14 years old.

Ur right. Vaping is disgusting

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You are fourteen?

  1. I have dark eyes.

  2. I have myopia.

  3. I am a tritanope.

You are a tritanope?

  1. I have a fear of spiders
  2. My bf cheated on me
  3. My best subject is English
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You have a fear of spiders?

  1. I hate flowers.
  2. I am obsessed with Psychology.
  3. I love cats.

Lol xD nice try but oh well I realized I just revealed my age lol. xD

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You love cats maybe?

  1. I have a dog

  2. I have two brothers

  3. I have bf

Wrong, I never had a bf to be cheated on by :blush:.

That was an easy one but what can I say? I’m Dumbass.

You have a dog?

  1. I like orange juice
  2. I’m almost 17
  3. I love pickles

You love pickles?

  1. I’m the oldest of my siblings.
  2. I know how to drive.
  3. I have a little brother.

you’re the oldest of your siblings ?

  • I took four years of dance
  • My cat died a year ago
  • I’ve never had bacon

No, don’t got a bf Single for life lmao

You’ve never had bacon?

  • I dislike avocados
  • I skateboard almost every day
  • I own a hamster

That’s true lol… I can’t drive, that was the lie.

You skateboard almost everyday?

  1. I have an iPhone.
  2. I used to play Choices.
  3. I do episode edits on instagram.
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nah, it’s my cat died.

i’m a pollo-pescatarian, which basically means i don’t eat any red meat !

Ohhhh, got it.