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out of curiosity, you know how there is an input for where someone can type their own name…

Is it possible to do that but ask how would you describe you hair color, skin tone, and eye color.

I’ve read some stories where they asked that and it comes into the story when the character describes the other character but I don’t know the coding

Would it be something like this

input describe his hair color?|What’s his hair color?|Done(BLACK)

Yup, you could code it like that. And yes it’s the same as using the type in their name, you’d need to have a character named after the name you have in the parentheses and as you may already know, to refer to it would be putting the name you have in parentheses into square brackets such as:

Her [EYECOLOR] eyes could put anyone into a trance.

Or in your case,

His [BLACK] eyes could put anyone into a trance.

I would just make sure to be specific with those questions because the thing with typed in choices and referring to them is, however the reader types it, will be how it’s shown when you refer to it. So for an example, say your question was,
How would you describe your hair color?

input How would you describe your hair color? | How would you describe your hair color? | Done (HAIRCOLOR)

and the reader wrote for their answer:
It’s black.

Then when you referred back to it such as in a dialogue,

Her hair was a shiny [HAIRCOLOR] color.

It would show up to the readers as,

Her hair was a shiny It’s black color.

lol so depending on what you plan on using their typed in responses for, you might want to consider that when coming up with how you want to ask questions. So the, What’s his hair color?, What’s his eye color?, What’s his skin tone? I think would work good or something like Name the color of his eyes.
input color of his eyes | Name the color of his eyes: | Done (EYECOLOR)
Also there’s a limit of how much they can type into the box too. (64 characters which I think includes the spaces.) Just some future reference if you didn’t already know these things regarding typed-in choices.

And just to further explain that code:
input Love interest’s eye color | Name the color of his eyes: | Done (EYECOLOR)

the sentence after input, doesn’t have to be a question and also doesn’t have to be the same thing as the sentence in red, it can be pretty much whatever you want like I have in that example there, and the part that’s red is what the readers will see on their screen.

So on their end, they’re going to see
Name the color of his eyes:
Above the type in box.

And when you go to test out typed in choices, as you may also already know, it doesn’t work on the portal so you have to play it out on the app.

Happy writing :sunflower:

Thank you. Yeah I realized that it was so much in the box so I said in narration describe in one word what color your hair is or something like that.

I was having it so if I put down some descriptions when my character meets her 2 LI I can have the readers descriptions.

No problem! Oo I love how you’re incorporating that stuff, good for you! :slightly_smiling_face: I’m all for authors who put in extra effort into coding their stories :nerd_face: :llama:

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