Type of coding Episode uses

Hi! Please could somebody tell me what type of coding that we use to create Episode stories?

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Okay , I am gonna imagine that I understand your question (I aren’t :sweat:)
Do you need codes like
@CHARACTER enters from right to screen left
@CHARCTER is walk_sad


Hi! Thank you for replying. No I actually mean the coding itself like is it JavaScript or CSS or HTML? I am a bit of noob when I comes to coding.


JavaScript :confused:okay I don’t know what that even​:sweat_smile: sorry I am no help​:sweat: hope you find your answer​:hugs:soon

Thank you! :slight_smile: I’m basically gonna try put Episode on my resume lmao like yeah… self taught coding for an interactive story thats a skill! hehe

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That’s totally a skill😎 is this for your job?

Looking for a new job… doing my best to sound like a good candidate. But it’s hard.

Aw…hope you got selected :upside_down_face:
I am glad I am still a student :sunglasses::grin:

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Well since I want to code when I am older I know for sure that episode isnt a code language. But it is scripting. So you can say you practiced scripts?

Really? Can you give me a definition of that :joy:

Yeah, it’s called Donacode and it’s a specific type of easy coding that Episode invented to write their stories it’s not used anywhere else.


Thanks for your help!

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