Type of Content People Would Pay for

I’ve been puzzling my brain a little bit for a couple of days now trying to figure what type of content people would pay for on Patreon. It’s kinda hard figuring out what people would like to see from you. What type of content do you think is worth paying for on Patreon? Are showing sneak peeks something people would pay for? I do sneak peeks on my Patreon, so I’m just trying to figure out if it’s a good idea to post sneak peeks on there. I also show dialogue to the scenes of the sneak peeks that I post on my Instagram for people to see. I think I need more ideas.


A lot of authors do extra scenes that wouldn’t be available on episode because of guidelines etc. But if you have any extra talents outside writing you can also include those in your patreon. :woman_shrugging:


Oh okay. Maybe I’ll consider doing extra scenes that go against the guidelines, but not inappropriate scenes because I don’t do smut haha. I wish I could make templates and backgrounds/overlays because those are what people pay for as well.

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Maybe stuff that can get them rewards? Like secret codes or something that can get you rewards in the story that’s not available for regular readers.

Also things like custom backgrounds and stuff if you can since Patreon is an app for creators and I don’t think people should only be paying for sneak peaks of Episode stories, seems kinda…


My favorite content on Patreon is backgrounds and overlays and I guess the reason is because it speeds up the process of my own writing and I know how long rendering a background can take, so I love having the option of others’ backgrounds instead of only relying on my own which takes much too long to render out (sometimes in excess of 4 hours for 1 background).

Although, I like the idea of mature scenes and art scenes, I personally don’t subscribe for those since I can write/create those myself. For bonus scenes on Patreon? Eh, I’m not really up for paying for something like that because it’s likely to be short and I highly doubt many authors would write longer bonus scenes on there on a frequent enough basis.

That’s just my opinion… :see_no_evil:
On the other hand though, I’ve already planned all of those for myself and would love to offer them to readers and give them the option to subscribe for such contents. :thinking:


Okay. You didn’t have to reply to this thread. I remembered everything you said before. Thank you for your input.

Besides backgrounds and overlays, which I do pay money for, you could also consider making special script templates or videos where you show people how to direct complex scenes.
Or how about very detailed reviews? I’ve seen authors charge money to review a certain number of episodes. Most reviewers that don’t charge money usually only read and review 3 episodes; maybe you could review someone’s first two or three episodes for free, and set a price for reviewing each subsequent episode?

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You didn’t have to be rude about it she was just asking again for more people’s opinion.

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I would pay for background and overlays that’s something we need in our stories not bonus scene maybe mature themes not really that either.

People mostly pay for script templates, reviews i haven’t seen anyone really charge i would personal do that for free.

Maybe you can make video specific on how to code certain things like advanced directing and templates or art scene that are mature theme.

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I can’t let those types of comments get to me. I gotta move on and keep it moving. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but sometimes we have to keep our opinions and feelings to ourselves :woman_shrugging:t4:

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I agree she could’ve been a bit nicer, but I don’t know if what you’re doing right now is allowed.

You’re making a profit off Episode and Episode assets which are free and available for anyone to use. Even if it is your own story, Episode’s rules say that it must be for non-commercial use and you can’t make a profit from it (unless, of course, you’re on Writer’s Payment, which then Episode would be the one paying you).

Now, the post does say Episode backgrounds and overlay edits, and in your case it’s different because you’re doing sneak peeks so you might want to https://episodesupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=114093965234 to ask them for sure.

Unless you’re going to be doing other things like templates, backgrounds, or other things that people can’t already have for free (without using/editing any Episode assets), then I don’t think it’s appropriate for people to be paying for it. (This isn’t just an opinion, it’s in the guidelines.)

I’m sorry if this post sounded a bit harsh, I honestly don’t know how to word it better. And anyways, I’m not completely sure, so what you’re doing could very well be fine and allowed, but it’s better to check, y’know?

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I didn’t know this at all. I’m a little confused though.

That’s alright! I just wanted to warn you because;

As for any questions you might have, it’s better to ask someone who actually works for Episode because it’s their rules, and I’m not even sure myself if I’m correct on this.

For clarification, anything to do with Episode assets being sold by you would be against guidelines. Edits, pictures of their characters, clothes, recordings of scenes etc is considered profiting off of their assets.

You wouldn’t be breaking any guidelines if you were ‘selling’ just the dialogue and narrations of your scenes for your patrons to view though with no Episode assets whatsoever.

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It is just what most authors do but it wouldn’t have to be smut anyway it could be an emotional action scene etc or just bonus content :woman_shrugging: