Type of MC (Good or Bad)?

Sooooo… in terms of playing as a main character, would any of your be willing to read something where the main character is the main villain? Y’know, rather than the one who goes and fixes everything / everyone ? I mean, obviously, the villainous MC would be extremely complex, because no one just does bad things.

No real reason why, I just got sort of curious.

  • Good MC
  • Bad MC

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I don’t really have a preference but damn, the bad MC be sounding interesting as heck-

Someone, pls, write a story like that- It’s legit so cool wth- I mean, I’d write the story myself but I suck at focusing lolololololol


IKR! Especially when the bad things they do are out of good intent. I think that’s one of the reason why I love the villains in Marvel so much haha



It’s just-

Idk how to explain-

But like, it makes it all feel more real. Out from all the characters that are on one side (and one side only)

it makes it more interesting and fun to read! And slightly more relatable in a way??


Honestly, I’d prefer a bad MC! We already have plenty of stories with nice, Mary Sue type MCs and it’s a fresh take to make a bad one. In my story I kind of chose this route by making my MC morally grey, where she isn’t a bad person but she does some bad things sometimes. I love reading stories with characters like that, who aren’t too bad to be deemed villains but not too good to be heroes or good people.


Oh for sure! Morally grey characters are some of the most relatable and realistic characters out there. I write pretty much all of my characters that way. I feel as if it forces the reader to pick and choose the flaws they’re okay with… which is sort of what you have to do on a daily basis. It just enforces the idea that nothing in this world is perfect by the definition of flawless.


Exactly! I hate reading about characters who are so good that they feel like they can do no wrong, especially when they’re the MC and the world revolves around them. It makes the story a bit boring, tbh. But that might be my love for complex, morally grey characters speaking haha


Why not both? :slightly_smiling_face:


I mean, good MCs are okay but bad MCs would have a more interesting plot YK??? :star_struck::star_struck:

As usual, I get sick of reading stories where the character is too much of a goody two shoes so it would be more appealing to read about the opposite !!


ooh, yes, i would love to see more villainous mcs!

when i say villainous, i do not mean bigotted. pls do not take this post as an excuse to be a weirdo :pleading_face:


no, I get what you mean! it’s the type of villain that would sacrifice the world for someone that they love, does bad things with the intent of doing good, just sort of running on their own agenda to better the world (just, yet again, does bad things to reach that end)


yeah! also omg that’s one of my favorite tropes: the yearning, the unwavering devotion :sob:

watching killing eve . gif


same here


The bad MC sound more interesting than a good MC since you see a lot of them in stories and most of them and mainly they’re weak, a goody two shoes and usually a crybaby. Most MCs aren’t like that but a lot are.

The weak ones usually can’t defend themselves when bad guy comes in, the LI usually saves them like it’s their knight in shinning armor :roll_eyes:
Some can’t even stand up for themselves and their best friend(s), siblings or LI stands up for them which is a thing I don’t like about MCs.


I’ve only read one story, Dirty Rotten Cheerleaders, in which one of the MCs had a dark side, so I think this is a great idea!

Or they could totally be evil.

Damn I like both… :clown_face: :rofl: :rofl: Especially, those good ones who turn bad. :wink:

The only villain MC story I’ve ever read is Home Wrecker by Joriemar, which is almost always #1 in its genre, so… I’m going to go with yes.

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