Typed in choice problem it keeps repeating


Hey! I need help with my script this is what it says

label food

input What Food would you like?|What Food would you like?|Done (ANSWER)

goto food

Though it keeps repeating the typed in choice and idk what to do. So if anyone can help me I’ll be happy and get ep 2 of my story out! :blush:


nvm the only problem is…That it comes up with (ANSWER) instead of the answer the reader put in


If you haven’t already solved this, the reason why it’s repeating is because you have goto food, which leads to label food. a goto leads a label that it shares the same exact name with.

So, you’d need to remove both label food and goto food, and then it becomes just:

input What Food would you like?|What Food would you like?|Done (ANSWER)

Also, it doesn’t need to be ANSWER, it can be anything-FOOD, MEAL, etc.

Anyways, to have this typed up choice for food show, you’d input it into your script like this:

CHAR (talk_greet)
I’d like to eat [ANSWER].

*Keep in mind that typed in choices will not work on the Writer’s Portal when you try to test them out, they are instead automatically assigned. It will however allow you to type in food choices on your (mobile) device and let you test them out.

Hope this helps ^^


Thank you so much! I’ll try this out and get back to you to say it worked or not💗


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it worked! thank you so much! :blush:


you can close this please l got it sorted and thank you! :blush:


No problem :smile_cat: :cake:

Good luck with everything! :cupcake: :heart:





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