Types Of Choices To Put In Stories (Basic, Advanced, Etc)

I need to know all kinds and how to use them so I’m able to properly add them in my stories frequently. I’m bad at knowing when to add them…


You can have simple choices like a dressing game or you could have dialogue choices or point choices (this is where whatever the reader chooses would play a role later in the story.)


There are 3 types of choices:

  • simple/basic choice
  • typed-in choice
  • tappable choice

Simple/basic Choice

What do you want to drink?

“Apple Juice” {
} “Soda”{

Typed-in Choice

A typed in choice is where readers can type in a response. It’s how reader’s type in their name.

input What do you want to drink? | What do you want to drink? | Done (DRINK)

You can read my full typed-in choices guide HERE

Tappable Choices

A tappable choice lets reader tap on overlays to make a choice. The format is the same as a basic choice, except use the word “tappable” instead of “choice” and you use the overlay names as the option names.




You can read my full tappable overlays guide HERE

Yeah, basically what @wherearetheturtles @Dara.Amarie said! In stories, the choices are things like outfits, what to say to other people, love interests, what to eat/do, etc. It all depends on what story you are writing


I mean in general. I mean types like basic, advanced, locked, typed in, etc. I need a full list so I can add them to a story I recently got reviewed as well as my others/upcoming

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Oh, sorry! Look at what Dara typed up, that gives you an overview! If you need more help, you can watch Joseph Evans’ tutorials, those are really good and helpful.

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