Types Of Choices To Put Into A Story!

I’m making my first story I want to have lots of choices, what are some kinds and examples of choices I can add?


You can have outfit choices, things that affect the actual storyline. For example if a character is deciding if they want to spy on another character. They can have the choice of following or not following. Or choices that raise certain points (like bad girl points or good girl points) if you pick push this person it’ll raise the bad girl points if you choose to back down it’ll raise the good girl points. Even relationship points are an option. There’s way more but here’s a few. Hopefully this helped!

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If you don’t want the choices to affect the story line here are some simple choice examples

1.Which clothing to wear
2.Which food to eat
3.kiss (her/him/them) or hug (her/him/them) you can make your character react the same way to both.


Outfit choices are more of an obvious one. Another type of choice are impactful choices, personally I like these as it’s an opportunity to reflect the reader’s own personality and their values. Some examples of impactful choices could be that it decides whether a character will help you in future based on what the reader chooses. They can change relationships or even the ending of the story. Some other basic options could be giving nicknames to other characters in the story, their favourite colour, answering general trivia questions, make a game that dictates wheter the character does something right.

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