Typical lenght of chapthers

Hey, fellow Episode writers! I have a few questions regarding your way of writing.

I was wondering how many lines you usually make your story?

My story’s first chapter is just over 2000 lines, including 1 character customization and various choices.
I’ve seen somewhere, that people say that you should aim for 5000 lines, that just seems like an insane amount to me. But then again, it would suck to waste ones reading passes on something that’s incredibly short.

I don’t know, I just want to please my readers by making my chapters the best length possible.


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I usually do 1200 at the minimum but 5000…JESUSUSUSUSUSUSUS

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The minimum for me nowadays is 1200… The average episode is about 3500 lines long. But an episode can easily get to 5000 lines depending on how you write. If you have choices that matter or scenes with lots of background characters or even just putting an extra line between each character talking can get you to 5000 lines in no time.

But I wouldn’t say you need to strive for a particular line. You end the episode wherever you feel is the right spot :slightly_smiling_face:


About 10, 15 or 20 minutes

So with advanced directing that would be 1000+ lines, 1500+ lines or 2000+ lines (I’ve kind of chalked it down to 100 lines is equal to about one minute with the right amount of dialogue - however if your choice branching is long and complex all of numbers would differ)

With simple directing it would be 500 - 800+ lines, 800 - 1000+ lines or 1000 - 1200+ lines

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