Typing Problem in Writer Portal

Hello, I’ve been writing some code in my Episode story (Limelight) and I’ve been having trouble with putting in some code in between code that I have already written. It’s hard to explain, but I’ll do my best. When I have a piece of code that I have already written, and I want to put another type of code (like exiting, speed, the use of AND) in, I put the cursor to type it i and start typing, the next character is deleted. I have to rewrite the whole line and it is getting pretty annoying. I know it’s confusing, here’s an example.

@CHAR enters from left to screen right AND CHAR is run_athletic

I want to add this code: “in 0.25” like this:
@CHAR enters from left to screen right in 0.25 AND CHAR is run_athletic

The problem is, when I put my cursor between space after the word “right” and start typing “in 0.25”, the rest of the code does not space, and I have to rewrite each character. Let me try to show it.

@CHAR enters from screen left to screen right AND CHAR is run_athletic

Now this is what happens when I type the “i” in “in 0.25” after the “screen right”

@CHAR enters from screen left to screen right iND CHAR is run_athletic

As you can see, the “a” from the “AND” command is deleted from typing the “i” for the “in 0.25”

I use Mozilla Firefox 64.0.2 on a Windows 10 operating system
It says I need to update Firefox, which may solve the problem, but I’m still confused how this started all over the blue.

It happens to me too. Save your work and just close the tab of the one your writing on and it should work. :relieved:

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I have a problem as well, my page doesn’t seem to load up and I’m unable to code?

I don’t know if you solved this yet or not, but if you haven’t, I hope this helps. It looks to me like you pressed the ‘insert’ key on your keyboard by accident. I don’t know where it is on your keyboard, but it is in the top right corner of mine. You can press it to toggle the override setting on and off.

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Yep was going to say the exact same thing when something deletes its usually because you’ve pressed the “insert” key near backspace