Tyrrfing (Sheppy) Environment commissions shop

Hi! Welcome to my shop page!
I’m 2D digital artist, and I’m passionate about environmental art. Currently I’m creating mostly 2D environment illustrations, and I’ll gladly help you to bring your ideas to life. I have fixed prices for different types of illustrations, but I’m always up to giving discounts for a first orders.

Now to some rules of mine

You MUST credit me if you use my work. (@tyrrfing)

I can make a unique environment/architecture/interior for your story.
If you need some separate props for use them as overlays - i can also give it a shot.

Before ordering an art I’m kindly recommend to widely describe your idea and to add 2-3 images which inspired you.

I guarantee communication during the work on the project (timely responses, anytime communication while working (answering questions, clarifying details), and you can be sure that I’ll provide steps during work on your commission (sketch, basic colors, rendering, finals)

You can DM me for details in case if you’re interested to work with me.

Examples of illustrations made by me:



okay wow!! :hushed:


your colering is amazing. I am not sure if its traced or your just so good an artist. and if this just is an example and you wont sell anything traced

but copyright matiriel is against the rules to use. and you can get people in trouble. so please be carefull what you offer to make for people. I doubt you wanna be the reason someone had there story deleted from the app.

I do recoman to read this forum, it explains better, what you and can not do regarding tracing, and refrence
Episode Explained: Art and References - Creator’s Corner / Episode Explained - Episode Forums (episodeinteractive.com)

Wow, that is some good work!

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I’ve been drawing for 6 years for now, and I am a professional artist to say so.
I’ve used real photos as a reference to do my work (as it was asked by my clients on fiverr), I’ve built out a perspective according to photos, i’ve searched for ideal colors which would i like in a certain compositions according to a real photos, but i have never did what you assumed i did, but thanks.


Okay, I am happy to hear so, there is a lot of art theft here on the forum and tracing. I honestly no longer trust artist here anymore. thats why I ask and check if things are stolen and traced, I am trying to help authors not to get scam or have their story deleted for breaking rules because they trusthed the wrong person.

I am always happy to see actual artist here. your art are really good


Your work is amazing :heart::heart::heart:

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And some was really hard to make. That’s why I’m always studying to make them better, though I’m stuck on stylized arts, however I’m aiming to work on a realistic concept arts for movie industry, but I’m still on my hard way to achieve it :smiley:


Well done, your hard work is paying off :joy: :joy: :heart: :heart:

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These are beautiful, and for that reason, I highly recommend adding a watermark to them to protect them from being stolen/used without permission and redistributed. Sadly it happens, and given the time it has to have taken, it would be a shame for your work to be passed off as someone else’s.

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Thank you for recommendation! I will do it immediately!!!

Hi there! I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I am trying to teach myself to draw my own 2D backgrounds. What programs do you use? I have Procreate and Photoshop.

Hi there! No it’s Ok, I’m ready to answer all the questions if you’ll have such.

I’m using Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint.
You may, or may not heard about blending functions of CSP, but personally I do like how it blend colors, when in Photoshop you need to tap on alt to reach ideal not-soapy blending, Clip Studio just do blending for you, however, I’m mostly working in Photoshop, and sometimes, when i find it hard to build perspective, I’m using 3D soft - Blender, when I’m doing simple block outs, with which I’m continuing to work in Photoshop

Oh thank you! That’s very helpful. I’m no good at perspectives myself and have been playing around with Blender here and there for that exact reason! Thank you for the insight. I’ll look further into Clip Studio Paint. :slight_smile:

You can start with trial version, if you’ll feel like it will do - then you can buy a licensed version.
Also, if you’ll need brushes advice - just message me

Long time not see guys! Was busy with plenty projects of different styles outside the episode^ but unfortunately can show only some of them (and i will show’em by parts) the rest are under NDA.
I’ve made lion temple in combined technique - digital drawing + mattepainting, and the second one is a night city with no matte