Ugh can’t sleep



I hate those nights ur just rolling around in bed and can’t seem too fall asleep…


Me too!!!


Lol same its 3:07 am and I have school tommorow


hellooooo i found this helpful its very weird but it works. if you count down from 49 Mississippi you’ll fall asleep before reaching 1 mississippi. (fe: 49 mississippi, 48 mississppi, and so on)


I have even count sheeps and it doesn’t help hahaha


You are gonna regret that in the morning lol


lol sheep doesnt work for me either but i legit did this two days ago and it worked haha


It’s 2:12 am for me and I just can’t seem to fall asleep… maybe because I didn’t talk to my best friend today and it’s the first time we haven’t talked… :slightly_frowning_face:


It would be today then lol


I even sang twinkle twinkle little star to myself and nothing lol😂


That happens… it’s like something is missing so it keeps u up


Yeah, lol.


lol like two years ago i couldnt fall alseep before the first day of school so i stayed up the whole entire night :slight_smile: i fell asleep like on and off in home room :slight_smile:


Omg!!! Yassss


At it again… can’t sleep