Ugh,help with beckground ? 9

I want this background to have at least 2 zones.But I cant upload It becuse :

What should I do ?

Well, search online for resizing images or you can use an app as PicsArt to resize it. When you have to choose select:
width: 2000 & height: 2000 fora bigger zone then you can edit it when you crop it on the app.

You need to resize it. If you don’t know any sites here’s one :

I cant click on the site.

That’s weird. Do you want me to resize it for you?

![Screenshot_2018where ow? -03-22-55-28|281x500(upload://4Ef27pm9sg2l3cEMDP25eYAqSuL.png)

What now?

I think that you can’t open it because you’re on mobile, I’m on pc and it works well. :thinking:

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