Ugh I'm the worst person ever

I feel so bad. I hate reading limelight stories where there are no background characters and all the characters are on screen right, left and center.

People still work hard on these stories but I just stop reading them.

Ya feel me??


Same :flushed:

I only read stories with punctuation at the end of dialogue and somewhat advanced directing :see_no_evil: If the story doesn’t have that then I’ll probably leave even if the plot is amazing

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And I always feel so bad!!!

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Nah don’t feel bad, that’s just what you prefer.
And @minami same I can’t read stories with that period at the end.


I honestly don’t feel that bad :crazy_face: I just think “guess I can catch up on insert favorite story here”


Everybody has their own taste in stories and the way they like them so it’s not a big deal if you don’t like stories that don’t have bg characters I’m sure a lot of people don’t like that.

I just see all these people work hard on these stories and I be like: Well sry your directing is to basic 4 me.


I wish I didn’t but if the story hasn’t got decent directing then I leave :pensive:
Tbh I don’t even know why it just doesn’t flow so I don’t properly get into it…

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I dont get why do you feel bad about it…I mean everybody has some preference and you do not need to feel bad about it. I for example cant read the “clasic” style - I dislike the look so much I simply cant. I vanted to read Joseps Evans story because his videos helped me to start writing but I gived up after seeing it is in clasic style after seeing the first scene.

That doesnt mean I think anything bad about the author or the story itself nor that I am a bad person…or? :smiley:

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If that’s what it takes to be a bad person then I guess I am too :skull:

(Like, it isn’t that hard to spot direct, y’know??)


Don’t feel like that. A lot of people have their own preferences and style. Take me for example I hate stories without proper directing (I detest stories where even basic directing is a problem. Advanced directing can be hard but basic is something that’s well BASIC.)

I hate stories that the description has better grammar than the story itself. And one that pisses me off the most is when an Author creates a certain personality for a character, e.g. She hates bad boys, hates Mr. Williams and loves singing but then the character falls in love with her bad boy teacher Mr. Williams and is off jamming of his rock band.

I’m sorry no matter how beautiful and meaningful your story is boy I’d much rather read an Episode Featured story.

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I prefer that too and I don’t feel bad about it. :no_mouth: