Ugly LimeLight Contest

Post a picture of an ugly LimeLight Character

Must be created by you!

Winner will be announced in 3hours!

On the picture leave your name tagged in the corner



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Cumon cumon everyone enter???.

With all due respect, you haven’t given us an incentive. Do you mean unattractive characters, crazy outfits, or both? What will the winner receive?


Yh I mean really unattractive characters, and they need an ugly outfit on aswell, and the winner will win like money, like if ur not comfortable sharing ur a dress then u can win something personal (it’s supposed to be a suprise

That was not specified in the rules.
Moreover, sharing personal information- such as one’s address- is (I believe) forbidden on this platform. I’d suggest finding another contest or game to create. Best of luck!

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This thread should be in the Community category, not Features and Art Suggestions, mate

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Anyone entering

I can understand ugly outfits but making ugly characters is a bit insensitive.

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It’s just a contest!

I know but someone might see an “ugly” character that has the same features as themselves and I’m sure they wouldn’t like that. But what do I know :woman_shrugging:t2:

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It’s supposed to be fun!

I would recommend closing this thread. I know you didn’t want to offend people, but some people will feel offended. I’m sorry.

@Sydney_H Please close this topic

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Also u guys gave disappointed me

Omg why are ppl going off on you?? Can I give one maybe like Tuesday bc it’s veteran day weekend? And the prize is money?


Closed by OP request. :smiley: