Uh.. guys I found a knife.. Please don't ignore this thread

So, I was setting up my laptop in my parents room since it is the perfect writing spot… And I started clearing off the shelf (I’ve set up on their large king sized bed and it’s the kind where the headboard has 2 shelves/cupboards built into it… ) I was clearing out one of the shelfs to sit my laptop and I picked up a black leather soft case thing and as I fully picked it up I saw the knife sticking out of the side…

Is that a normal thing, I’m kinda freaked out… My dad has a history of being phyiscally abusive to my mum and being both mentally and emotionally abusive to me and he does keep a baseball bat for ‘protection’ since we live in a bad neighborhood but this is the first time I’ve seen the knife and I’m just worried since I don’t understand why he has it or why he had it hidden under a pile of all his stuff on the shelf.

I need input.

NOTE: This is like what I believe to be a carving knife NOT like any knife we have in our possession that I’m aware of. (aka kitchen knifes) It’s completely different looking.


Oh wow Icy Snows. I think I replied to a situation about your dad one time. Don’t mean to freak you out but that is not normal. I am so sorry that your dad is like that. Maybe you should do something about it (but maybe you already have - it’s okay if you haven’t). It may not be anything but I understand why you would think so given how your parents are.

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Yeah, I’m just freaked out… I was trying to set up a space so I had room to write and then saw it… now I am kinda just trying to act normal because dad just walked past to go to the toilet

Also, have you written any stories? I would like to read some of them maybe. Sorry if that is off topic.

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It’s fine, My story isn’t published yet but it’s going well… I’m using nanowrimo to track my progress on my story… I could give you the link if you want but only the pilot episodes done so far…

My stories a comedy called “Grandma’s Grandbabies”.

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Okie. What is nanowrimo? I’ve got a story too btw. (two actually - not to bragg or anything)

Nanowrimo is this somewhat of a competition thingy but it is cool, it’s this free website for authors which you create an account and it will give you a challenge… I think the preset is 50,000 words before the end of November :slight_smile: And you basically log in the amount of words you have written (whether in that session or in total, you can pick whichever) and then it will tell you stats about your writing such as how many words you write per minute and when you can expect to reach the goal by at your current pace and you can really see.




Okay I signed up. Wow the forums for nanowrimo is SO SIMILAR to episode forums.


So how does it track your stories? Do you write on it?

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Abusive behavior is not normal, someone having a knife just seems like someone having a knife. Are you afraid when he’s around the kitchen knives? Look for gun, if you find one, that’s the time to get scared.


You don’t write on it, but the way you track is…

Guns are illegal here… basically the last time and also first time I had even heard of a gun incident here wasn’t even from the news it was because I was apart of the group of students exposed to the shooter for an hour before we were ushered into our school due to a school shooter being on a campus in Thornton and heading our way.

If you look up the posts on facebook “You know your in Thornton when…” I was apart of that…

We had came back from a school excursion down in Sydney and were walking from the train station in mainland back to our school for about 30-45 minutes and stood around outside the gates for about 15 minutes because all 3 gates were locked and all the lights were out… Our year coordinator noticed us standing outside after the 15 minutes and had to call a groundsman to unlock the gates and usher us into the classrooms and noone told us anything… So some of the others pulled their phones out searching for a reason to why we were in lockdown and someone screamed, their friend took their phone and yelled at the teacher that there was a shooter in thornton… Soon all my friends being the detectives they are pulled their phones out… one had pulled up google maps and the other had the “you know your in Thornton when…” page up and they kept tracking the spottings of the shooter and basically he shot up a Thornton school, logged it into the bush and my friends managed to track him on a path going directly to our school… I got on an evacuation bus and everyone managed to make it out safe… then it made it on the radio (hughsey and Kate 131060) the next day NOT ABOUT the shooting but the fact he was caught in an arcade in the mall where my mother worked… And the time he was caught literally matched up with the time that my mother would have been working her shift. :confused: But yeah that’s the only time that we have ever really heard or experienced a gun incident… So this knife is kinda a big deal… Like its literally a knife in my parents bedroom hidden under my dads stuff yet close enough to him to use. :confused: AND it literally isn’t just someone having a knife because it’s legit carving knife not some kinda kitchen knife.


A knife is a knife is a knife, babe. If you’re planning on stabbing someone to death you usually don’t go out and buy a special knife to do it. I don’t know your father but it stands the reason if he was planning on doing something he could just as easily use a kitchen knife. So I ask you, do the kitchen knives frighten you? He could have had that knife a long time and kept it near him for protection the same as the baseball bat. He sounds dangerous and volatile either way, I don’t think the presence of yet another weapon makes him any more so. If I were you I’d think about investing in a good knife myself and I’d be glad at least now I know what he’s got and where he keeps it.

I guess that makes sense, and no him near the kitchen knifes don’t frighten me. But I guess I’m just used to him using them whenever he is cooking snacks for himself. I think it may have just been the thought of what he could possibly need the knife I seen for is frightening. :T

if you can ask your mom about it

Maybe the knife is just for protection just like the baseball bat. I don’t really know for sure, but my grandpa always had a knife like this literally on him everytime he would go out because he used to live in a complicated neighborhood. Sleeping next to it then could make sense as well.
I understand your concern though, this is not something we are used to use ourselves and we mostly feel safe within the walls of our house, but if your dad has history with robbers or people assaulting him on the streets or something like that it could make sense that he keeps weapons next to him just in case. Either way, take care of yourself please, and if you can tell and ask your mother about it :heart:

If i was you, i would be cautious. If your father has a history of physical violence towards to your mum and is known to be mentally abusive to you, then I don’t think it’s right for him to be in possession of a knife like that.

I really don’t think it’s normal to keep a knife so close to your bed, more so when a persons history is violent. I’d be careful if I were you. Make sure you stay safe.

If you really are curious where the knife came from, ask your mum. Maybe tell her your concerns. I get why you wouldn’t feel safe and you’d be worried. Confide in your mum and take care of yourself.

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