Uh someone please help me with instagram

I have an Insta account and yesterday I got banned from liking posts for 24 hours
I wasn’t that bothered as I knew I did have a habit of liking many posts in a short period of time
I just got off it this morning and I liked 2 posts ONLY 2. And they’ve banned me from liking again when I came back on a few hours later. Ive looked it up and it’s recommending me I log off for 3-4 weeks but that’s such a long period of time

Does anyone have another solution and an explanation on why they suspended me from liking for the 2nd time?

Probably because of the last time. I had this happen with posts and I created a backup account.

Wtf? insta got issues but, I recommend you to not do what goggle said because goggle most of the time tells fake info. What you should do is sent Insta themselves a ticket/review telling them what happened and ask them when ur getting unban and what you should not do when you aren’t ban

You can try deleting your app and then re-installing it. Sometimes there’s just a glitch.

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