Ui or Overlay? Directing Advice

I’ve seen a lot of people using “ui” in place of “overlay”. Is there any difference? Because when I used ui in my story, a lot of errors started appearing for no reason. I’ve searched on the internet but I found nothing about this. Just a curiosity of mine!

ui is for pinning the overlay to the screen, so when you zoom in or pan the a different zone, the overlay stays in place on the screen.

How are you using ui? You shouldn’t be getting any errors if you just replace the word “overlay” with “ui”

@ui OVERLAYNAME scales to 1.0 1.0 in 0


They both do the same thing actually so either one is fine

I only confirm what Dara said - ui should not give you any errors so if you get some - show us the script so we can check what went wrong.

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