Ui tappables ending a choice

I keep getting this error message of this label is never used when ending a choice. Anyone know how to be able to fix this?

first of all they are named something diffrent.

second you dont even need to use label in that one.

also you dont write goto label page1

you just write goto page1

Hm, from what I understand is that you need an end label after a choice, otherwise the dialogue will repeat itself?

you dont need a label to end a choice

You only need to do that if you need to jump over some text like this

label ask_again

Do you need this
“yes” {
Great here it is

“ask again” {

goto ask_again

"refuse " {
Are you sure

goto dont_want


Here you go enjoy

label dont_want


Okay, but the choices don’t work, even without the label. :confused:

the second choice needs to be on each there line

they cant look like this } "word {

they shall look like this

“word” {

Can I see a picture of how it looks after you edited it

When i change the line format, it just automatically has the page scaled to its bigger size and doesn’t show the board or choice after I remove the end label.

you need to remove the reset borad label or els you might as well remove the choice because it legit just remove it from your story.

its like this

you are at


Label go to b


here is B

so you have made it so your code go around it.

Hm I don’t understand. I removed the choices, but I want it to return to the main screen after the dialogue is finished. So that’s why I made a reset_board label.

remove line 1981 and 1988

and I dont know where label reset_borad is but I am pretty sure its what is wrong with your code

My reset board label is here.

anyway You need to remove line 1981 that is why you cant see the choice.

but I am I am kinda getting confused in what you are trying to do.

I did remove line 1981 and the choices also. So I’m trying to have the character explain each page after you tap on it. Then I want it to return to the main screen. Then the next page will be highlighted for the reader to know which page to click on next. Then the next set of dialogue starts. I hope that makes sense.

you should not remove the choice. just that line

It still doesn’t seem to work though :confused:

You can’t have a label without a goto. That’s why it’s telling you that label is never used, because you don’t have a goto for it. I’m assuming you have a goto & label does each tappable overlay?
label reset_board
all overlays commands
“Tappable overlay name”{
goto page1
“Tappable overlay name 2”{
goto page2
“DONE Tappable overlay name”{
goto finish

label page1
dialog & highlight coding etc
Do you need Levi to explain again?
goto reset_board
“Explain again”{
goto page1
ETC ETC - repeat above for each tappable // goto and label

label finish
This is where the reader will come to when they have tapped DONE and this is where your story will continue

I hope I’ve understood what you’re trying to do :see_no_evil: