Ultimate Instagram Follow for Follow!

Hey y’all!

Most “Follow for Follow!” and “R4R!” topics I’ve seen are closed or don’t get a lot of people.

I would like present to you…

The Ultimate Episode Instagram Follow for Follow

I have experienced it, and I’m pretty sure many of you guys have too. You have 100-1,000 followers (if you haven’t published your story yet or are just starting out), but are only really seeing 10-30 likes or views on your posts and stories. So yeah, the number is there, but only a third means something.

The rules are simple, but they are still there to make sure people gain loyal and active followers.

1. Drop your Instagram username
2. Mention the person you followed and what you liked about their posts (Their Forums username and Instagram one)
3. Mention two more people on the Forums!

I hope this works out for everybody! I’m really excited to start this and please, just be honest and be nice :blush:

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My Instagram is @brooketurner.writes
I post a lot of Episode scenes that I find hilarious and plan to release my story soon!
@Luna_Kesem @AshlynG

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My insta is @episode_writersrs
I post lots of Screenshots from my upcoming stories and contests
@Danielle318 and @Kaitie

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My instagram is @episode.danielle_318
I post spme of my edits, drawings, or story sneak peaks. As well as shoutouts.
@Elaina.p @superb

I have been following @Writer_SA(@episode_writersrs) for a month or so and I love their instagram because they put up updates on their story progress so I know when they will publish their next episode.

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@Writer_SA @Danielle318 ur supposed to put who u followed :upside_down_face: I’ll follow u both btw



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I created this however because most f4f threads are closed or archived or haven’t been used in a whiel

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If you do a search, there is at least one open thread that I have been merging duplicate threads into. However, due to the fact that yours has slightly different rules than a regular follow for follow thread, I refrained from merging yours to avoid confusion. That being said, it may get merged/closed and redirected in the future. Just giving a heads up in case that happens.

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Alright, thanks!

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No prob. :+1:

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