Ultimate List of All Script Commands

Check out my website below to see the ultimate list of every single script command.


LOL, thanks so much for this! It really helped my out!

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Thank you so much!

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I need this so much thank you! I didn’t even know half of the entire list is a valid code😂

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Thanks for your hard work :pray:
BYW not sure what the hsl command does.

Those are the filter commands.

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thank you so fucking much.
I love you for this i swear to god

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The ‘unpreviews’ command misses outfits. This is very helpful after outfit choices. :slight_smile:

@CHAR un-/previews outfit outfit_name

Nope it’s there. Its before the changes into outfit command.

Oh alright then, sorry!

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What is the difference between ‘AND’ and ‘and’?

Btw, thank you soo much for this!

There isn’t any difference, they both do the same thing/both work. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: It’s just a matter of personal preference.


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Thank you !

Your website has been very useful when looking for how to use commands. But it’s missing the new name change commands.

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Yes I’m aware. I haven’t gotten around to adding them and creating a guide for it. Dealing with some personal life stuff lately.

Sorry to hear that, I hope everything gets better with you soon.