📝 Ultimate List of Backgrounds and Overlays Editors / Creators!


Because of the current situation, loads of the drives are closed!

*List updated

Please, note:

  • most of them are Instagram account links
  • please CREDIT creators if you use their stuff
  • don’t steal their work!

Let me know if:

  • you want your name/link to be removed from the list
  • you want me to add you to the list
  • somone deleted/ deactivated their IG or their access to the drive

DM me or comment below!











@eclecticgimere closed

@tw.episode closed


@helenewalther.episode closed



@mvincent.episode closed


@nataliesky.episode closed


@charliee.episode closed








@dara.amarie.ep closed



@rebecca.stories closed


@miya.episode closed





@ines.episode closed

@starx.bgs closed





































Group accounts / sites:















@FlowerGriefer (PM her or tag her on your post)

Abi’s Free Backgrounds (No Credit Needed)

Official Background Sharing Thread

OFFICIAL Overlay Sharing Thread

Need filling out the form or DM message:









Google drives:

K.episode’s Backgrounds





FREE background and overlays! (Public drives!)
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Background folders /drives
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Helpful Links :blush:
Where can I get good backgrounds?
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Any good background linktrees that fellow authors/episode readers make?
Backgrounds drives that exist?
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Explain: why you can not use pinterest or google
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Backrounds Help
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How Can i Find Thease Backgrounds (LL)
Anyone know any backgrounds for a Demon World?
Less access to Background and Overlays' Google Drive
Who is really good at making episode style BGS?
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Is it okay to use Pinterest photos for backgrounds?
Who makes the best backgrounds/overlays for Episode?
A New Complete List Of Everything! PARTIALLY OPEN (:
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Backgroundss && overlayss
You can share the links for the episode
Looking country backgrounds and overlays (free)
Weapons background?
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Drive link for thorneartstudio?
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Background finder help
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Backgrounds pleasee
Insta accounts with best backgrounds and overlays
Need Backgrounds & overlays & script templates
Post your Google Drives <3
Why wasn't my image approved? any help?
HELP: Forum Ultimate Go-Tos 😊
Winter Backgrounds Needed ASAP!
Background google drives,
In need for some new BGs and OLs
Episode team i need you because of a background problem😭
I need help finding these 🗿
Helpful Links for Authors :blob_hearts:
Is it okay to use backgrounds from Pinterest?
Backgrounds & Overlays ♥
Can someone help me find the creator of this background
Can someone make good overlays for me?
Background Please 🥴
Need background hallway company
Looking for New Backgrounds
Any backgrounds custom or non custom backgrounds?
Hi guys looking for a background thread
Active backgrounds creators
Does anyone has good bed sheets background?
Can someone make some type of fantasy bg

Instagram: @lanafrazer.episode



Can you add me to the list? My Instagram is @epsd.ama


I will add you guys tomorrow when I’m back on my laptop :smile:




You can add me tomorrow to.

@K.episode’s Backgrounds


Can you add me but I’m only on forums.
Mrs. Black Cat Writer

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Bookmarking this awesome thread, so helpful!
I knew most of them but just discovered some new ones, so thank you very much!

Other people who work on backgrounds or have a bunch available to use in stories:

From IG:

@kittyg_writes (linktree says @kittyg_episode though)
I know that @smilla.episode still has her linktree up and google drive, although her account is no longer on IG :thinking:

Another person:

@ ThorneArtStudio from the Forums

Also, if I think of more, I’ll let you know ^^



I am extremely grateful for this thread, thank you! Hunting down overlay and background accounts has always given me trouble so to have a compilation here is just lifesaving :heart:




You can add me to the list! I have a drive with various free things on it such as overlays, backgrounds and hair pngs. I’m on Instagram under the same name as here, but here is the link to my google drive:

Mere’s Art Resources


You are a lifesaver for doing this!!! Thank you so much!


Wow! That’s an amazing drive! You’ve got great art skills! it’s like what Episode makes!


You should do a full list of artists on Instagram that makes cover arts because they are hard to find on Instagram.

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Aw thank you!


Can you add me to the list?

I would ask to be added to the list - except from I don’t have Instagram lmao.

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do you have a drive or thread with your backgrounds? I can add that,

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Used to, but it’s fine anyways cause I’m looking more into Instagram edits and you don’t have that on here - so it’s fine.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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