📝 Ultimate List of Backgrounds and Overlays Editors / Creators!

you can add me to the list @epsdmarie :slight_smile:

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Hi do we have to make backgrounds to have access to the documents? If not can you please add me :revolving_hearts:

BUMPeroni and cheese. :cheese:


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I didn’t know I was on this list! Thank you for adding me :kissing_heart:

@episode.stage on instagram also has some (no episode asset) limb overlays in their drive


Hey, I have a background creating thread, if you would like to link it I’d be thankful!

There’s also:
@wincy.art [Same as @wincy.writes but since she prefers to be credited on her art account, I’ll leave it here!]
adeline.epy [Doesn’t have a drive, but you can PM her for her backgrounds]
@sopho.episode [I use some of her backgrounds, they’re pretty good]
@cecemarie_writes [Author of AW: The Shadows | Which is a highly recommended story by yours truly.]
@stephepisodes [You need to request access]


you make covers

I’m also pretty sure these peeps changed their names:
@dx_creates to @deavion_creates
@shara.stories to @sharastories
I also have

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added the ones from you previous post and edited these. Thank you! :smiley:

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I have more:

W/O needing access
@sam_writez [Overlays only]
@rene_writes [Overlays only, has really cool limb overlays btw]

With needing access

Username changes:
@tamara_epi changed her name to @tamara.epi

Name changes but I don’t know their new usernames:

Background creators that are now open:



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