Um is it just me or?... Creating your Villains

Hey guys,
So I was creating a look for the antagonist in my story and I based him off the look of a character I saw from TV, (who was Originally perceived as bad but is actually a good person later in the series). ANYWAYS, So basically, after giving him the ‘villain’ name I wanted, and gave him the whole look; I kinda realised that…
I really liked my bad guy. :kissing: :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: Great.

And now he seems like such a cool guy I don’t want him to be the bad guy anymore! :sweat_smile: :sob: :sob:
Lol anyways I just wanted to know is this just me or can anyone relate?? :grimacing: :sob: :joy:


That happens sometimes to me too, but I have to stay true to their original design.


Lol that happens to me too. Or I give them (in my opinion) such a great, but emotional back story…and then I end up feeling sorry for them too :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Yh it happens :laughing: my sister and I are co-writing a novel and we made this one bad guy but we both ended up liking him instead of hating on him :rofl: now we’re in a conflict because well, he’s supposed to suffer later on :joy:


exactlyyy :joy:

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Hell yeah, this happened to me a lot of times :crazy_face:

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He can still be the bad guy to your protagonists. Of course, no good villain sees themselves as a villain, but their goals will clash with the protagonists goals and they’ll end up making problems for each other. This is good.

If you like him loads, and don’t want him to remain a villian, or want him to have more of a story arc, he could transition from villain to anti-villain, then potentially to anti-hero?

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Oh that’s acc smart!:rofl: thank youuuu :joy::two_hearts:

I think the best kind of villains are the ones you really like, to be honest. I don’t care about defeating someone who is boring.

Its’ more fun when you can hate and love a character you’re rooting against!

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yeah that makes sense!