I am writing a story for like 2 months (I just finished making the cover like 2 days ago) , but now I am losing motivation.
I just need some help. This is not only in episode, but everything in general. I don’t tell like talking to my friends or anyone
I dunno if I’m just unmotivated for a day or two or am I feeling sad in general.
I don’t know what is happening tbh


Yeah that’s definitely not good. I have totally been there but definitely don’t beat yourself up about it.
Honestly what helps me the most is taking a break. I know that sounds backwards but to me learning not to stress so much about doing nothing and why helps a lot. If you struggle with sitting still like I do… Maybe watch a movie you always wanted to see. Ik when I see a good good movie it honestly gets me inspired!
Others would be like reading, drawing, any other arts and crafts, YouTube, ect.

Also doing another activity helps like walking my dog listening to music.
Maybe watch a movie you always wanted to see. Ik when I see a good good movie it honestly gets me inspired!

Hope these tips help you
and please please please don’t put your self down for being human


Feeling sad is something that happends to the best of us. We all feel sad sometimes and sometimes we don’t even know why. But when feeling sad becomes a daily part of your life than I advice you to seek help from a professional. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of!!!

Talking to somebody can actually help. Maybe you have a close friend that you trust enough to confide in, or a family member? Or maybe you have somebody at school or work that you can talk to?

If it’s just a short period of feeling sad than it can help to clear your head. Go to the gym or take a walk. Or do something that you delayed for a long time. Finishing a delayed task like clearing out my closet can make me feel really good about myself.

Take good care and listen to your body. And please din’t be afraid to seek help when you need it. We all have your back here.


I’m currently in this position. However, I realized that my job was the one making me feel unmotivated and depressed. You never know what is truly causing these emotions until you take a step back from your life and look at it. I would suggest you do that. Stop what you are doing and take a moment to look at everything happening in your life. Sometimes when you work at something for too long, it becomes a distraction and you begin to lose sight on how you are feeling in life. That’s why a break, a mental break is always critical.

If you can’t pinpoint where it’s coming from, that’s when you should ask for help. Whether it’s a close friend/relative or someone professional, getting to the root of the problem will help you move forward. Motivation isn’t just one problem, there are other factors that contribute to motivation. So, it may not be just lack of motivation you are dealing with, it could be something else, maybe more serious than you think.

I hope this helped! I do hope you find your motivation and feel better! :heart:


I suffer from lack of motivation a lot, especially when it’s something like my writing where you don’t have to do it for school or work, and the only reason you’ve kept being dedicated… is yourself. So, first things first, my advice is to congratulate yourself. Writing is a lot of work, especially writing on episode. And all the stress that comes with it? Even more. So tell yourself you’ve done a great job so far, then take a break. Change course, do something different! When I get demotivated I do something creative like painting, or writing, baking! Something that doesn’t take too long, just to do something or create something I can be proud of and reap the benefits from that instantly, cause writing a story can be a long process so remind yourself of that feel-good feeling, cause we forget. If things like lack of motivation and sadness continue to trouble you in the future or anything else, definitely see a professional. There is no shame in taking care of yourself. Hope this helps!
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Thanks. But as it is lockdown here, I basically can’t talk to anybody physically yet. So I guess I should get some help.

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Thanks. Maybe I will watch YouTube. :grinning::sweat_smile:

Thanks very much.

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Same here. What helps me is to be in contact with episode people who write. That’s only me tho. It helps me cause I’m in the area where everyone writes

But it’s Hard to find someone who won’t ghost u or episode friend, maybe it’s just me :sweat_smile:

yes ofc. thanks btw

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