Um... WHAT THE?!


So today I finally got my first couple messages of fanmail for my story “Find Your Voice,” and after getting moderately busy this summer with theatre, I decided to use my free time to continue the story with my newfound motivation.

I went into the episode app to play through all the episodes I have so far so that I remember my flow of ideas, and LOOK WHAT I SAW!!

I thought those types of things (the first photo) were only given to featured authors? And I’m 99% sure I’m not one, lol. The second one I think pops up with every story one reads.

Any idea how I got this? Are smaller authors receiving them now?


When you enter any story made by a user it starts with that. Both of them are for user stories.


So the app isn’t realizing that you own your own story. You have to exit your story and go back in. It will take your passes if you continue - it’s taken mine :joy: But yes, they put this in front for EVERY story now.