Umm help i need help

So I’m writing a story using episode ink and it’s spotlight mode, and I made sure that I did everything right but when I load it up in the app the screen only shows the background and not my character. What am I doing wrong?


@YOU is at screen left

@pause for 2

input What is your character’s name? | What is your character’s name? | Next (NAME)

[NAME] is a very pretty name.

choice “Thanks!”{
YOU (talk_gossip)
You’re welcome!
} “Ummm not really…”{
YOU (talk_unsure)
Umm not really…
Welp I tried

@YOU is at screen left

It should read:

@YOU stands screen left

I tried that, It didn’t work. I’m using spotlight, does that make a difference?

Not sure tbh, never worked with spotlight before… so I’m a leave this to someone else lol

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With spotlight, a character only pops up on screen when they are talking or when they are doing an animation. Once they are finished talking or once they are done with whatever animation they were doing the character will swipe away. The only time a character will stay onscreen through spotlight is if you use ((character stays)) with the narrator box [“((character_stays)) only applies to the last character who was on stage"]

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can you use an example? I’m confused

@CHARACTER is animation

NARRATOR ((character stays))

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