Umm what should i do know?... 😅

I don’t know, if it is the right category, if yes i’m sry :sweat_smile:

Soo i asked a girl few months ago, to draw me a cover for my story breaking my psychos walls, and i waited 4 months now and I have written to her but she gives no answer :confused:, and now i heard she got suspended? And i don’t know what i should do know :sweat_smile:, because i want to know, if she is still doing it or not… when not i could ask another artist who could do the cover.
And i understand art needs time and i can wait as lonng she need :smile: but i just want to know, if she is still doing it or not… :slightly_frowning_face:
It is now bad, that i want to know :confused:?
So what should i do now?
Wait for her or…?

Thank you very much!! :blush:


If she wasn’t replying then I doubt she’s was gonna end up doing it. I would just ask someone else to do it at this point :slight_smile:

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If she’s suspended permanently and you don’t have any other way of contacting her, maybe ask another artist as even if she is doing it, she’s not going to be able to get it to you. And 4 months? That’s a long time, and it would be even for a commissioned realistic style artist.


Thank you very much @Atreus and @_haruka for your advice :hugs::heart:

and yeah about 4 months, i know… but I did not want to ask every time now how my cover is or when it will be finished, I think it would be annoying for her and I did not want to give her any pressure :sweat_smile:

Thanks again !! :smile:


Um hey just a quick question, if i ask a art shop or someone to do it, is it then thread hopping :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::thinking:?


I don’t think so. Not in your situation. If in doubt, you could always ask the owner of the art shop whether requesting there would be ok with them.


Okay :sweat_smile::slight_smile:thank you for your help!! :hugs:

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