Ummm... Twinsies?


So working on one of my stories…

So the MC is a twin, and her bestfriend is male… and her LI is his brother… is it wrong to also make the BFF & LI twins also?
Or should I just make the brother a year older.

I have cousins who used to go to a bunch of events and hangouts their mom called “Twin Club”. I don’t know what it was really called, but it was a bunch of families with twins who would gather together. Maybe they could have met at something like that?

I think it’s fine to have them both as twins. Sure, it’s uncommon, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for two best friends to have twins.

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Yeah the was my issue it’s uncommon and would it make it weird. Like the reason I’m doing twins is because the MC is bestfriends with one and her brother is bestfriends with the LI (they all grew up together) if it wouldn’t work that way I wanted to make it so both bestfriend and LI were in the same year level 11 months apart that is also super uncommon for siblings that aren’t twins to be in the same year level


@Gargamel that is a great idea so it wouldn’t seem so weird

I don’t think that it’s weird. If you want to write it like that, go for it. Just because it’s uncommon doesn’t mean it’s weird, or that it can never happen. It’s more of a funny coincidence than an impossible scenario. :woman_shrugging:

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I don’t think it’s wrong, but I can say that it seems uncommon. Good luck!

Weird is probably not the word you’re right.
I also have another question this one maybe weird haha
The MC brother moves with the bestfriends family 2 years prior to the MC and her family moving (it was for a new business location opening up and the MC’s father needed someone to run and set things up over there before moving the base of operations there)
Also it’s not like she never saw her brother they did face time and visit once a month except for the last 8 months before moving

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So you’re saying the main characters brother goes to live with the friends that are twins? I don’t see anything weird about that either.
Write it how you want, having two sets of twins in your story may be uncommon, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, or that you can’t write it.

Yep as the MC was partly being home school due to bullying so her family didn’t move at the same time she didn’t want to go to school, and in the 2 year span being away she transforms herself but still reluctant to go to school.

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Uncommon can be good right? lol :joy:

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YEAH! hehe

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Maybe the reason they’re friends is because they’re twins?

I like that!

I’ve been sitting here contemplating if I should just cut the whole twins aspect out and just make the two brothers older by a year.

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