Unable to login on the episode app?

Okay so, I tried logging in to my episode account to test if my story works there…
But it always says “unable to login try again” I tried multiple times but it gives me the same error over and over :sweat:

I really need to login my account but it never works :frowning:
:tired_face: Or am I just being stupid and not knowing the problem but either way, please help me!!

Maybe delete episode and then reinstall the app. Sometimes the app is crazy. I never had this problum but, it could work. Did you forget the password or username maybe?? I am sorry if this isn’t very helpful. :frowning_face:

Rip the episode I read.
But thank you! Imma try that and yes I typed it in right :smile:

Yeah I get it and I hope it works and okay good sometimes the smallest things kick you out so I wanted to make sure you typed it all in right. Good luck!!! :slightly_smiling_face: