Unable to parse messages won’t let me save my work

I have no idea what’s happening! I always get ‘unable to parse’ messages, but then I save again and it goes away. But since a few minutes ago, it shows up every time I’d like to save, and won’t let me save my script!

I’ve tried deleting it all, save it as a blank draft, and copy it in again, but it still doesn’t work! I’ve even tried different browsers. It only seemed to save the blank draft. My script is 3627 lines long, but it isn’t anywhere near the 8k max lines it supposedly can’t support.

Is this just a glitch, or do I have to cut the code?


Welcome at the forum @EstaTolia.

This means you need to refresh the portal.

Even with 16k lines it can give this error. So, ignore the 8k max lines commend. :wink:

Refresh your site (the writer portal) and indeed don’t forget to copy your text. And if that doesn’t help submit a ticket to Episode. (Refreshing the portal with the arrow next to the site-address always helped me. :wink: )

If you need to know anything else, let me know by PM at this forum.

Love A-W


Hi @AngelWings1983

Thank you for your message! I have tried to refresh the browser again and again, but it did not work. I moved to a different device entirely, and it worked! But only once. It didn’t save again. :sob: I submitted a ticket to episode like you advised.

Thank you again!
Esta Tolia

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Oh, no. I hope the rest is saved. Now, it’s waiting for their answer. Hopefully they can fix it for you.

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Whenever this happens, I either refresh the page or just type “lol” or something random, save it, then delete it, and save it again.


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