Unable to Preview Story

Is anyone else having an issue with previewing their story?
It’s giving me an error message and wont play the story.


What kind of error message do you have?

Sometimes the portal just crash for no reason, try to refresh the page or leave and try again

thanks had to log out and back in.

I have the same problem, the message they wrote on top of the video is “Cannot resume a story node that is not found!” …I’ve relunched the game multiple times and i can only preview my story once or twice then…Nothing just a black screen with a pink circle (and the message I told you). What should I do? :frowning:*


Yeah I have been getting those too and not sure why. I think it has to do with something in script not done right.

I’m having this problem too and saw a bunch of other people that had, try to reload the page and when you’re going to save, don’t press say and preview, press first just the save button and then preview

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Same! I just started having the same issue today. Don’t know what the problem is, but everytime I want to preview, I have to reload the entire page before it works.

Ikr! It’s so annoying…It has been like that since 3 days! And now I can’t save either, they just write “ERROR” in red but they don’t say what isss the errorrr as they usually do. I’m so lost lmao :no_mouth:

Yes, it has been like that for a while now ;( I hope they fix it soon!