Unable to save as it says 'unable to parse'


The story says ‘unable to parse, backup your script and try again’. Can anyone please help? I’ve tried reducing the length of my episode although it is only 217 lines for now. I’ve also tried checking for errors but there aren’t any. I’ve sent an email to episode but they haven’t answered yet. Please help as soon as you can!


It’s pause not parse maybe that’s what went wrong


No, the pop up says ‘parse’ I don’t know what that means


Google it


I did, it said to shorten it or check for errors so I did but it still says the same


Sometimes it happens when you don’t have internet connection, or it’s like a glitch on the portal. This has happened to me quite often… most of the time I’ve saved a copy of my script on goggle docs, then refresh it and try to save it… worst case scenario, I had to submit a ticket to see what went wrong :thinking:


I’ll try that thanks


Hope this works!


Thanks so much, it did work!


Awesome! Glad you didn’t have to submit a ticket :smile::yum:


No I didn’t XD I saved it on docs, deleted the chapter and pasted it again, checked the connection and now it’s all good!


yeah it says ‘parse’