Unable to upload overlay

have no idea what does this mean…


I think you need to put a INT or EXT to the titel like here… INT.TV :woman_shrugging: not just TV you know ?

I was trying to upload overlay…I have already several uploaded and non of them has INT. EXT…I believe this is necesary only for backgrounds?

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Have you checked it’s a png image?

yes it is png

But when i upload my overlay’s i put everytime a INT. And it’s working…

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Is it like that for all overlays you try to upload? Or is it that one image?

It doesn’t have to be, you can name it anything!

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It did today to all my overlays I was trying to upload…as mentioned I already have several overlays sucesfully uploaded in previouse days so it is not new to me but I newer had this…it looks to me like some bug therefore.

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Yeah I think it is, I remember this happening to me ages ago. Try refreshing the page or log out and then back in to your account.

unfortunately it doesnt help…I have refreshed I have closed chrome and opened it new I checked the size which shloud be OK, I checked it is PNG…I have no idea what else to do. :smiley:

Maybe try uploading overlays that have already been approved to see if it’s the portal being buggy or it’s just your new overlays.

Try waiting a few hours and trying again, and if it still doesn’t work try restarting your device. If none of those work, submit a support ticket. Maybe the portal is just being laggy :woman_shrugging:

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Good idea!

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Overlays don’t use INT. or EXT. thats only for backgrounds

Maybe there’s a problem with the server? Try waiting.

Try refreshing, or restarting your computer/laptop.

oh I forgot to close this… :smiley: .it was because of gimp settings when exporting overlay.

@Jeremy - you can close this. thanks. :smiley:

Closed because resolved. Thanks all :smiley: :lock: