Unable to upload overlays to portal

Uploading png overlays to portal currently not possible - uploading from IPHONE!

Error: Images must be png. Yours was jpeg.

Is it the same on computer and android phones?

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I guess you are not uploading a png but a jpeg. Maybe try converting it into a png :blush:


Yeah, to upload overlays, they have to be a png. @CoraMae It’s not a bug, it’s an error. But you can fix it!

You can convert it to a png here:

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I know what png is.

You can see them on this screenshot of my drive, that I’m uploading png-s, but these same files I can not upload to portal.

are you sure you do not have them on the drive also as jpg and just accidently clicked on the jpg intead of png? Because its lok like that.

If not seems its not possible for the portal to recignise that it is png for some reason.
There should be no difference if oyu upload from phone or computer because you are doing it anyway on inernet - but its worth trying if you can do it from the PC.

I experienced problem with pngs created in GIMP - portal was not recognisig them unles I have change the wayGIMP is exporting them - I got different error but it can be that your png have similar issue in the setting that portal doesnt like…

I’ve tried to upload several different uploads, at none could be uploaded.
I gave up trying.

Now it works again. :heart:

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great that it was obviously a bug.:grinning:

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