Unable to write in portal

Is anyone else having trouble typing in the portal it seems to crash every time I try to edit my story but my laptop hasn’t crashed as I am able to click on the other tabs (Art resources, Community ect) I just can’t type on the page.


Omg yes! I thought it was only me!

It was working yesterday :woman_shrugging: But all of a sudden it’s not working strange… how long have you had the issue for

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This happened to me too, but it’s fine now… for me. @Melani3? Do you know?

maybe try removing your extensions?

Which browser are you using?

I saw it the first time yesterday

You may need to submit a help ticket to our support team. They’d be more than happy to help! :smiley:

How long did it take before yours went back to normal? I’ve been up trying to figure out how to fix it for hours :confused:

Mine started working again last night I’m unable to veiw my account settings still though